Chilling Tales From the Tavern

Chilling Tales From the Tavern

“The Frozen Throne does not bring people together … it pits them against one another until only the strongest remains.”

In this Knights of the Frozen Throne comic series, a clever bard enraptures the Tavern’s patrons with his intriguing twists on some of the fabled heroes of Azeroth and promises of unfathomable power. Could any slivers of truth be hidden within the bard’s honey-tongued imagination? Read on to find out!


Read the comics now on, or experience the action and sound of these stories as Madefire motion books on desktop, mobile, and Apple TV:

Episode One: Love Undeath Conquers All”
Episode Two: “Forest for the Weary”
Episode Three: ”Freedom”

Written by Robert Brooks, Matt Burns, and Andrew Robinson; illustrated by Miguel Sepulveda, Bit, Javier Mena, Bit, Ramon Bachs, Manuel Garcia, and Javier Mena.

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