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Forge a New Fate

Before the age of mortals, the titans came to the world. These gods towered over the nascent planet, using powerful magic and advanced technology to breathe life into it. They imbued their keepers with celestial powers to watch over the planet and help forge many of the beings that would inhabit it. This is Hearthstone’s most cosmic expansion yet! This is what myths are made of. This is TITANS!

Expansion Features

New Keyword: Titan
Each class gets a Legendary Titan, one of Azeroth’s pantheon of gods. Titans have three powerful activated abilities. Instead of normal attacks, choose which of your titan’s abilities to use. But choose carefully, each ability can only be used once; once all three are used, your Titan attacks normally.
Legendary Keepers
The titans infused the keepers with the power to develop and watch over the fledging planet. These keepers became the basis for Azeroth’s first myths and heroes. Each class gets a Legendary Keeper with powerful effects that shape the battlefield.
New Keyword: Forge
The keepers were tasked with using mighty forges to create and shape life on Azeroth. Now you, too, have that power! For two mana, cards with Forge can be moved over to your deck area and replaced with an improved “Forged” version.
Returning Keyword: Magnetic
The titans blessed Azeroth with advanced technologies. These technologies were used to build complex machinery and mechanical beings. Some of these ancient Mechs come with the returning keyword Magnetic, which lets them be melded onto other Mechs already in play.


When does TITANS launch?
TITANS launches this August.
What’s the best pre-purchase bundle?
We offer two pre-purchase bundles so that players can purchase either or both, whatever works best for them. For players who plan to choose just one, The Mega Bundle (Pre-Purchase) is the best value option for the Hearthstone Mode.
When can I open my pre-purchase packs?
Pre-purchase packs can be opened during pre-release weekend or once the expansion launches in August.
How do I participate in pre-release weekend?
Anybody can participate in pre-release weekend by setting up a private Fireside Gathering during the designated pre-release weekend (usually the weekend before the expansion launch). At that private Fireside Gathering, you will be able to participate in special pre-release weekend Tavern Brawls. If you have purchased any of the pre-purchase bundles, you will also be able to open those pre-purchase packs early at the pre-release weekend. You can set up your pre-release weekend event at FiresideGatherings.com. Check back soon for our pre-release weekend blog with relevant dates and other information!
Are Titans a new card type?
No, titans are minions with the “Titan” keyword. They can be interacted with using cards that interact with minions, like enemy minion attacks, minion buffs, damage, and minion removal.
How do Titans work?
Each Titan has 3 powerful activated abilities. Each turn, you choose one of those abilities to use, instead of a normal attack. Effects like Freeze or Windury that affect the number of attacks a minion can make in a turn likewise affect the number of abilities a Titan can use. Each ability can only be used once, and you can use your first ability on the turn you play your Titan. After you’ve used all three abilities, your Titan can then just attack as normal on following turns. Titans can’t be randomly generated, Discovered, or randomly summoned onto the board by effects like Evolve.
What are Signature Cards?
“Signature” is a card quality some cards can have, like Golden or Diamond. Signature cards have full images, alternative classical art styling, and Golden-style animations. Signature cards can’t be crafted. TITANS Signature cards can only be opened in packs, included in specified products (such as the pre-purchase Mega Bundle), or awarded through special means (like in-game events or the Rewards Track). Signature cards are able to be disenchanted for the same value as if they were Golden.
What is Duplicate Protection?
Duplicate Protection means that when you open packs or get random rewards from a particular set, you’ll get cards of that rarity that you haven’t already received from that set before you receive additional copies of cards of that rarity beyond what you can play in your deck. For instance, if you already received a Legendary card from a set, you won’t open that same Legendary card from a pack until after you have received all the other Legendary cards from that set.
How do card re-rolls work?
From time to time, certain specific cards are awarded to players that are not able to be disenchanted. For instance, from now until Patch 27.6, you can login to get a free copy of Prison of Yogg-Saron! This also applies to cards on the Rewards Track and certain other special rewards. For those types of cards, a pop-up automatically appears when you have a disenchantable version already and get another copy that is non-disenchantable. That pop-up will allow you to re-roll the disenchantable duplicate version into another random card of the same rarity and quality from that same set.
Where can I find TITANS card reveals?
Head over to the official Card Library to see all TITANS cards that have already been revealed, as well as a reveal schedule for future reveals!
Where can I plan my decks with the new TITANS cards?
The official Hearthstone Deck Builder is a great place to try your hand at building some decks before the expansion goes live. Keep an ear out for more information about upcoming theorycrafting streams featuring your favorite content creators forging their own creations, too!