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Welcome to Whizbang’s Workshop

The genius inventor and toymaker, Whizbang, has opened the doors of his workshop to the public! He’s got plushies, action figures, wind-up toys, Miniatures, and more. Find your new favorite toy, or build it yourself, here in Whizbang’s Workshop!
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Expansion Features

New Keyword: Miniaturize
How do all those toys get so fun-sized? They start big and then get miniaturized, of course! Minions with the Miniaturize keyword leave a 1-mana 1/1 copy of themselves in your hand when played.
Zilliax 3000 Deluxe
Can’t find the toy you were looking for? Build your own! Zilliax 3000 Deluxe comes with 8 different functional modules and 8 different cosmetic modules that you can combine to make a Zilliax of your very own. While building your deck, pick two different functional modules to set Zilliax’s combined cost, stats, and effects—and then pick a cosmetic module to match your style. Put those together and you have almost 200 different combinations to choose from!
Throwback Cards
Whizbang’s Workshop is a celebration of Hearthstone’s history, with toys that bring back iconic mechanics from the past. Like giving Death Knight their own Spellstone card, finding new 4-mana 7/7s, and more!
Talented Artists
It takes a good artist to make Whizbang’s creations pop! Whizbang’s Workshop employs a few talented artists, each with a special effect based on what minion they draw!


When will Whizbang’s Workshop launch?
March 19, 2024.
How does Zilliax 3000 Deluxe work?
You pick your modules while building your deck, similar to how E.T.C., Band Manager picks his Band. In game, your Zilliax has the art you selected and the combined costs, effects, and stats of the chosen modules.
How can I get Corridor Sleeper?
Two copies of Corridor Sleeper are included in each Pre-Purchase Bundle! After the expansion launches, Corridor Sleeper can also be acquired through all normal means, including Whizbang Workshop packs and crafting.
What if I get both Pre-Purchase bundles?
Then you’d get 4 copies of Corridor Sleeper. Once the expansion launches, you’ll be able to craft or disenchant Corridor Sleeper like any other card.
When can I play with Corridor Sleeper?
Today! If you get either Pre-Purchase Bundle, you can play with Corridor Sleeper right away. Otherwise, you can play with it once the expansion launches.
So is Corridor Sleeper the login freebie for the set?
No. Corridor Sleeper as an early-access bonus card included in the Pre-Purchase Bundles. All players, regardless of if they pre-purchase, can still also get a free copy of the Colifero the Artist Legendary card, just for logging into Hearthstone now! That means that players who get a Pre-Purchase Bundle and login now get to play with both cards before the expansion launches.
Are Harth and the “Gift” cards part of Whizbang’s Workshop?
No, those are separate grants to all players on login, right now! Even though they become available at the same time as Colifero the Artist and Corridor Sleeper, they are actually part of a separate “Event Set” that we’re creating to hold these types of special cards. They won’t be able to be crafted or opened in packs. Golden versions of the Gift cards will be awarded as part of an in-game event. Golden Harth will be available for purchase in the in-game Shop.
What’s the best Whizbang’s Workshop pre-purchase bundle?
We offer two pre-purchase bundles so that players can purchase either or both, whatever works best for them. For players who plan to choose just one, The Mega Bundle (Pre-Purchase) is the best value option for the Hearthstone Mode.
When can I open my pre-purchase packs?
Pre-purchase packs will be able to be opened when the expansion launches on March 19.
Where can I find Whizbang’s Workshop card reveals?
Head over to the official Card Library to see all Whizbang’s Workshop cards that have already been revealed, as well as a reveal schedule for future reveals!
Where can I plan my decks with the new Whizbang’s Workshop cards?
The official Hearthstone Deck Builder is a great place to check out the new toys before the expansion goes live. Keep an ear out for more information about upcoming theorycrafting streams featuring your favorite content creators tinkering with their own creations, too!