What's Cooking In the Hearth?

What's Cooking In the Hearth?

There’s never a dull moment for the Hearthstone team at Blizzard. We’ve been hard at work on refining the play experience and we’d like to thank the community for your incredibly valuable feedback. Lots of changes are on the horizon as development progresses, so we wanted to give you a taste of what we have going on behind the scenes. Let’s sample some of our upcoming content and updates together!

Explore the world of Hearthstone with Quests: Immerse yourself in new, ever-changing quests that you can complete to acquire valuable Gold. New Quests await you every day!

Gold is Hearthstone’s new currency: Use your hard-earned Gold to purchase more packs of cards to complete your collection. Gold can also be used to gain entry into The Forge!

Leveling system: Have a favorite class? Level them up to new heights to gain basic and Golden basic cards the more you play. Gain experience for any game you play, win or lose -  you’ll gain additional experience for a well-fought victory.

Battle your friends: Want to challenge your friends to a friendly fireside duel? You can now add them to your friends list and challenge them to a game. Talk about Hearthstone strategy as well with our added friends chat feature!

Updated card frames: We’ve added some lovely new card frames that make each class more visually distinctive at first (and second!) glance.

Card updates: We’re constantly tweaking cards to get them just right. Here are some highlights of cards that have recently gotten a facelift:

  • Vaporize now triggers when an enemy minion attacks your hero.
  • Illidan Stormrage redesigned—you may want to grab some fire resistance gear for this change. For 6 mana, Illidan is a 7/6 minion that has the ability: “Whenever you play a card, summon a 2/1 Flame of Azzinoth.”
  • Onyxia has a new power: “Battlecry: Summon 1/1 Whelps until your side of the battlefield is full.” Many whelps! Handle it!
  • Mind Vision now costs 1 mana and copies a card from your opponent’s hand.
  • Mind Control Tech has lost his mind and has built a new, more polished one. His new power reads: “Battlecry: If your opponent has 4 or more minions, gain control of one at random.

New cards: We’ve concocted some new cards for you to add to your favorite decks. Which cards are you looking forward to having in your collection?

Break some faces!

May the spirits guide you.

Who’s laughing now?

We’re committed to making Hearthstone the best card game it can be, and part of that means keeping you informed of what we’re up to. Be sure to keep an eye out on our main page for updates. Talk about some of your favorite changes on our forums here with fellow card-carrying members of the Hearthstone community!