Commence The Boomsday Project!

Commence The Boomsday Project!

The Boomsday Project has commenced! You can now purchase and open card packs!

For a limited time, log in to claim a random Class Legendary minion (or Hero card), and three card packs—both from The Boomsday Project—FREE!


Get 3 more The Boomsday Project card packs FREE when you log in after The Puzzle Lab launches starting August 21.

The Boomsday Project

Operating out of Boom Labs—a secret world-class facility located in the beautiful, purple-lightning wracked floating islands of Netherstorm near Area 52—the Boomsday Project is the brainchild of the renowned Dr. Boom. Once a researcher at Area 52, Dr. Boom struck out alone and became a rising star in the fields of Mech design and rapid catastrophic disassembly.

Dr. Boom is at the top of his field, and the time is ripe to tackle new challenges. Enter The Boomsday Project, a multi-disciplinary research endeavor that’s sure to change the world—forever! Somehow. His team is still working out the details. . . .

Startling Science!

Boom Labs is proud to unveil its most exciting innovation yet: Legendary spells! Every researcher has conceived of a Legendary spell suited to their unique talents—that’s one astounding new spell for each of the nine Classes!


With the unparalleled power of these Legendary spells at your fingertips, the Boomsday Project will be finished in no time—whatever it is!

Weird Scientists!

In the wondrous—and perilous—laboratories at Boom Labs, you’ll encounter the finest minds in cutting-edge SCIENCE! You’ll meet the wonderfully weird head scientists—meteorologists, astronomers, biologists, soulologists, and more—who study it! There’s a specialist in all nine Classes, including the infamous Dr. Boom himself.

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They’re not all specialists, though. Some of the geniuses wandering around the facility dabble in a little bit of everything. . . .


Marvelously Magnetic

Dr. Boom designed many of the Mechs that can be found in The Boomsday Project with Magnetic capabilities! Mechs with the power of this new keyword can merge with other Mechs as you play them to tackle even the toughest of tasks!


Simply place your Magnetic Mech to the left of any Mech you’ve already got on the board and they’ll fuse ALL their stats and card text together into a bigger, more powerful minion! Need them to stay independent? No problem. Just place your Mech down to the right of an existing Mech (or next to any non-Mech minions), and they’ll stay un-plugged to handle smaller tasks (and avoid getting blown up by powerful single-target effects or removal).

Helping Hands

Occasionally, you’ll welcome unwilling participants to assist in your methodical madness! There are new Project spell cards in several disciplines that benefit both you and your opponent. There’s still only room for one winner, though, so you’ll need to carefully measure your decisions.


To ensure that no troublesome regulators or meddling do-gooders interfere with your Projects, Dr. Boom has assigned Omega team to the defense of Boom Labs. This elite hench-unit has rapid response capabilities, but they’re at their best when their custom-designed Omega generators are at max capacity with 10 mana crystals fully charged!


Ponder the Puzzle Labs on August 21

The Boomsday Project's free single-player content, The Puzzle Lab, opens on August 21! Apply your scientific acumen to dissecting dozens of discombobulating puzzles including Lethal, Board Clear, Mirror, and Survival!

If you prove up to the task of untangling every last puzzle in Boom Labs, you can proudly display the Boomsday! card back in your collection!


The Boomsday Project Inn-vitational

The Boomsday Inn-vitational will feature twelve players from four different countries, all vying to prove their brilliance in Boom Labs! This grand experiment will unfold live on the official Hearthstone channel on August 10 PDT. Check out the blog for details!


Strap on some goggles, slip into your favorite lab coat, and harness the power of SCIENCE—and 135 new cards—in The Boomsday Project!

Learn more about the colorful characters that inhabit the Boom Labs, in their own words!

Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3

See you in the Tavern!


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