United in Stormwind is Now Live

United in Stormwind is Now Live

Welcome to Stormwind, travelers. United in Stormwind is now live worldwide with 135 new collectible cards, the new Tradeable keyword, Questlines, profession tools, mounts, and so much more.

What’s Included: Tradeable

Cards with the new Tradeable keyword can be played like normal, or, for one mana, can be dragged back to your deck in exchange for another card.


What’s Included: Questlines

All 10 classes have access to a Questline. Questlines start in your hand and have three phases. Earn rewards for completing each phase of the Questline, culminating in a powerful Legendary mercenary minion.


What’s Included: Profession Tools

Profession tools are weapons with special effects instead of attack values.


What’s Included: Mounts

Mounts are spells that buff a minion and then keep fighting even after the rider falls in combat.


Battlegrounds Cosmetics


Don’t forget, Battlegrounds cosmetics are now live, too. Battlegrounds players can celebrate with Ragnaros the Tikilord and Beach Party Hero Skins, the Ve’nari Alternate Bartender, and Shadowlands Hero Skins. Customize your Tavern with your favorite looks, and keep an eye out for many more Hero Skins and Alternate Bartenders coming throughout the year.


More to Come

As if that weren’t enough, there’s so much more to come around the corner and throughout the rest of the year. Stay tuned for more updates.

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