TITANS is Now Live!

TITANS is Now Live!

The time has come to shape your world! TITANS is now live with 145 collectible cards, the new Forge keyword, the new Titan keyword, Legendary keepers, the returning Magnetic keyword, and more!

What’s Included: New Keyword – Titan

The titans are massive god-like entities with unimaginable cosmic power. Minions with the Titan keyword have three special abilities that they use instead of their first three attacks, creating an immediate impact and further shaping the game the longer they stick around.

In TITANS, each class gets a Titan. What will you do when you can harness the power of the gods?

What’s Included: New Keyword – Forge

The titans used powerful magic and ancient technology to shape life on Azeroth. Now you, too, can hold the power of creation in your hand. Cards with the Forge keyword can be dragged over to your deck and upgraded for 2 mana.

Forge your cards in the fires of combat for bigger and better effects!

What’s Included: Legendary Keepers

The titans created powerful beings called keepers, who were imbued with some of the titans’ power. These keepers were the titans’ manifestations on Azeroth, enacting the will of the titans and inspiring ancient culture and mythology.

In TITANS, each class gets a Legendary Keeper—a mythological being of immense power!

What’s Included: Returning Keyword – Magnetic

Early titan-forged beings were molded from the metal and stone that made up the planet. These metallic beings were the progenitors of Azeroth’s many races. Minions with the Magnetic keyword can be played directly to the left of a friendly Mech to Magnetize to it, combining their stats and effects! These cards offer some attractive gameplay options.

There’s one titan-sized expansion! Check out the 27.0 Patch Notes and the official Card Library for more information about TITANS and everything else that’s in this patch!

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