Hearthstone® Welcomes Thai Players to the Tavern!

Hearthstone® Welcomes Thai Players to the Tavern!

This month, the Innkeeper’s getting ready to set up shop in a whole new realm—Blizzard Entertainment, together with INI3 Digital PLC, is bringing Hearthstone® to Thailand!

Now it’s your turn to take one of the epic Warcraft® heroes to an all-new battlefield. Customizable decks filled with potent spells, heroic weapons, and powerful minions are yours to command.. You can also expand your collection of cards through the in-game Shop, where all content currently available in the game will be available for purchase with the launch of Hearthstone in Thailand.

Challenge your friends, and easily duel them from wherever you happen to be with Hearthstone on Android and iOS mobile phones; Windows, iOS, and Android tablets; and Windows and Mac PCs. As long as you have an Internet connection, a match can happen—so be on the lookout for your next worthy opponent! Players in Thailand will play in the Americas region, along with the rest of Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, so prepare to find your next worthy opponent!

There’s much to look forward to, including the coming Siam Cup! Players in the Thailand can visit the official Hearthstone Thailand Facebook page for more details and information!

Please accept our very warm welcome, and take your place by the hearth!