Sneaking into the Spire

Sneaking into the Spire

Shhhh! You could be as boisterous as you liked in the Menagerie, but now we’re about to enter the Spire. There really shouldn’t be guests up here, so we must keep it down. The top floors of Karazhan serve as Medivh’s chambers, housing an extensive private library of the rarest magical tomes, an advanced arcane laboratory, and of course, his private living quarters. Now, let’s have a quick look around, shall we?

MAGE_KAR_009_BabblingBook.pngThe Boss
Don’t let that door slam! I feel just like a young man of fifty again, sneaking about like this. Mind you, we should be able to stroll about the library and peruse the tomes at our leisure, but the ghost of Medivh’s father has taken up residence. Nielas isn’t so bad when Medivh is around to keep him sensible, but when the Master is out? Pff. Let us simply say that death has not improved his disposition. In fact, he turns into one the ghastliest geists I’ve ever had the displeasure to meet. When the singers were warming up earlier, he kept banging his staff on the floor of the library and yelling at us to “keep down that racket.” He once told me to get off of his lawn. Me, Moroes! And Karazhan doesn’t even have a lawn!

Uh oh, I think I hear him drifting this way! Quickly, into the laboratory!

Let’s All ChantzzNEUTRAL_KAR_033_BookWyrm.png
Oh, splendid! Netherspite is away preparing the arrival portals for tonight’s guests. Netherspite is Medivh’s laboratory assistant and portal master. He also happens to be a dragon, and very serious about his experiments. In addition to his considerable knowledge of all things arcane, Medivh is something of a master of portal arcanology. I’m assuming that arcanology is a word. Regardless, from this very chamber, you can access realms and regions beyond imagination! The possibilities are endless, but we really shouldn’t touch anything. Especially that! Hands off! You do want to be able to enjoy the party later with all of your limbs and senses intact, yes? I think it’s time we returned to the Parlor now.

zzNEUTRAL_KAR_062_NetherspiteHistorian.pngWell, that was exhilarating! And we’ve gotten away with it scot-free! I’m sure that Master Medivh will be arriving at any moment to get this party started! Despite your inconveniently early arrival, you’ve all been such good sports about everything that I’ve grown a bit attached. Alas, I really must go to make some additional preparations, but I trust you can occupy yourselves before the celebration commences? Wonderful, I very much look forward to partying hard with you all!

Ah, I did ask you to consult your invitations, didn’t I? I believe so, but you had better make sure just in case.