Wild Deck Report – January 18, 2019

Wild Deck Report – January 18, 2019

Our celebration of Wild continues with a feral fight for top spots in the Wild Open Qualifiers! It’s not too late for top players to score a spot in next month’s Wild Open.

Whether you’re inspired to compete, or just want to discover the power of Wild for yourself, we collected some high-performing decks that have all been played in 30 or more games at Legend level on the Wild ladder.

Cube Warlock 

Gul’dan’s had quite a run with this Cube Warlock hybrid control combo deck. Its signature card, Carnivorous Cube, enables combos that offer both powerful defensive and offensive plays, but that’s not all! Use Voidcaller to contest the board early and sneak out big minions. Call upon Bloodreaver Gul’dan to flood the board with Demons. Play Cube on Sylvanas Windrunner to make many Sylvanases (Sylvanii?), then bring them back with N’Zoth. Emperor Thaurissan enables some wicked Cube combos as well, while Defile and Lord Godfrey let you sweep away pesky enemy minions when the time is right.

Use your Carnivorous Cubes wisely and destroy them on the same turn when you can, otherwise you may run afoul of Silence, Hex, and Polymorph.


Big Priest

Do you like huge, Legendary minions like Ragnaros and The Lich King? Want to play them again, and again, and again, all in the same match? This Wild deck explores Anduin’s shady side and binds these brutes to your will. Keep early aggression at bay with a smorgasbord of board clears. Use Barnes and Shadow Essence to sneak your power houses out early, then bring them back with Resurrect, Eternal Servitude, and Lesser Diamond Spellstone. Shadowreaper Anduin provides yet another way to clear big threats and seal your opponent’s fate.

Watch out for Polymorph or Hex—they’ll put a crimp in Anduin’s dastardly plans.


Pirate Rogue 

This aggressive deck’s plan is all about plundering your opponents with the power of Pirates and the Legendary weapon Kingsbane. Cavern Shinyfinder can fetch Kingsbane from your deck, or, better yet, return one that’s powered-up to your hand. Raiding Party also grabs Kingsbane and fetches more Pirates from your deck, while Ship’s Cannon translates wave after wave of nautical miscreants into a punishing broadside for your opponent. Myra’s Unstable Element gives you the juice to close out a game, while Kingsbane staves off fatigue.

Play pirates, power up Kingsbane, go face. Deliver the coup de grace with Leeroy’s signature style!


Even Shaman

This aggressive midrange deck combines many of Shaman’s historical strengths into one very potent package. Your goal is to build a wide board, summon lots of cheap 1 mana totems, and deliver threat after massive threat, confounding your opponent’s efforts to stave off your aggression.

Totem Golem isn’t just a chunky early game minion; it also makes your Thing from Below cheaper and your Draenei Totem Carver stronger. Flooding the board with your many minions lets you drop early Sea Giants. Devolve can wreck your opponent’s defensive plans, Crackle and Jade Lightning give you reach to land a finishing blow or sweep up troublesome taunts, and The Lich King and Aya Blackpaw help close out the late game. 

Just watch out for that Overload! If you don’t think about your following turns, you might trip yourself up.


If you enjoyed playing with these decks, or you’ve seen some crazy ones during your adventures on the ladder, let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or in the comments below!


The Wild Open

The online-only Wild Open Qualifiers are happening now via the Wild ranked ladder. Earn your place in the competition by placing in the Top 100 for your region’s Wild ladder—that will qualify you to compete in playoffs next month for each region (Europe, Americas, and Asia-Pacific). The top two players from each playoff will face off in the Wild Open Finals, with China’s finalists qualifying in directly from the Wild ranked ladder in January.

The Wild Open Qualifiers end January 31, so if you’re an aspiring competitor, it’s not too late to start your climb!

The Wild Bundle

It’s a wilderness out there! Whether you’re a veteran Wild explorer, or you’re taking your very first expedition into Wild, this bundle will help make sure you’re well provisioned for your adventures. It includes 10 packs each from Goblins vs Gnomes, The Grand Tournament, Whispers of the Old Gods, and Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, for a total of 40 packs!

Check it out!


*To play in Wild, you must have reached Rank 25, and own at least one Wild card. After it is unlocked, enable Wild play in Ranked or Casual by clicking the Raven icon on the upper right during deck selection so the Wild infinity symbol is displayed. Current Wild sets are unavailable for play in Standard format, and include: The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, One Night in Karazhan, Whispers of the Old Gods, League of Explorers, The Grand Tournament, Blackrock Mountain, Goblins vs Gnomes, The Curse of Naxxramas and any Hall of Fame card.

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