Onward… to Uldum!

Onward… to Uldum!

Arch-Villain Rafaam’s plan is coming together and the deserts of Uldum are rife with malodorous miscreants, vicious villains, and powerful plague lords set on raining devastation upon the world. Now, it’s up to you to assist Elise in gathering the other members of the League of Explorers to join the battle for the fate of Azeroth!

Read on for details about the Onwards to Uldum event and prepare to delve into the Tombs of Terror when it launches on September 17!

Join the Search

The Onward to Uldum in-game event will last a total of two weeks and will feature two brand-new Tavern Brawls and some awesome rewards!


New Tavern Brawls


  • The League of Explorers: Revived! - September 4 - 10:
    • Help Elise save her friends and reunite the League of Explorers in this brand-new Dungeon Run-inspired Tavern Brawl!


  • Three Wishes – September 11 – 18:
    • Your wish is his command! Use Zephrys the Great wisely in this brand-new Tavern Brawl.



  • Week 1
    • 1x Classic Card Pack for participating in the Tavern Brawl
    • Participate in the Tavern Brawl to complete a Legendary Quest* rewarding 1 Saviors of Uldum Card Pack.
  • Week 2
    • 1x Classic Card Pack for winning the Tavern Brawl
    • Participate in the Tavern Brawl to complete a Legendary Quest* rewarding 2 Saviors of Uldum Card Packs.

*Legendary Quests will replace existing Daily Quests, so be sure to have a spot open in your quest log when this even begins!


Elise and the League of Explorers need YOU to help them get back on track. It’s time to save Uldum and the world, Heroes!