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Strategy Card Game • Free to Play
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Step Into the Tavern!

Sheathe your sword and draw your deck, it’s time for Hearthstone! You’ll sling spells, summon minions, and command the heroes of Warcraft in battles of epic strategy.

Game Features

Whether you’re a ladder champ or a casual fan, Hearthstone lets you play how you want to play.
Casual Fun
Play on your own schedule. Hearthstone is easy get into and offers incredible depth the longer you play.
Free to Play & Win
Hearthstone is free to play for as long as you play, not just free to try or free to start. Purchasing cards is completely optional.
Jump Right In
Enjoy premade decks to quickly join the Ranked ladder, or try out Modes like Battlegrounds, where a deck is not required.
Play on PC, phone, or tablet. Set up a Battle.net account and you can always continue where you left off!

Everyone, Get in Here!

Jump into a game to start slinging spells, summoning powerful minions, and crushing your enemies! Hearthstone is easy to learn and offers incredible, endless fun!
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