Recruit a Friend

Recruit a Friend allows you to play Blizzard games with friends and receive in-game rewards!


Getting Started

You can recruit any number of friends, but only recruits who have a Total Hero Level below 20 will be eligible for rewards. Players can check their Hero levels by clicking the Journal button on the main menu, navigating to the Profile tab, and tabbing over to the Class Progress page. Note: You cannot unlink your account once you’ve accepted an invitation from a veteran player. Make sure your veteran invites you to the correct region when they send you their Recruit a Friend link.

Veteran Rewards

When one of your recruits reaches a Total Hero Level of 20 on their account, you’ll receive the Shaman Hero Skin, Morgl the Oracle. You’ll receive a free Classic card pack for each of your next four recruits who reach a Total Hero Level of 20 on their account. You won’t receive any rewards after your initial five recruits reach a Total Hero Level of 20. Note: You and your recruits must play in the same region to secure rewards. You can check your region in the Region/Account dropdown above the Play button on the desktop app or by tapping the Settings symbol in the top right side on mobile and tapping "Switch Account."

Recruit Rewards

New recruits receive a free Classic card pack for linking their account with a veteran and completing the tutorial.

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