Innkeeper’s Invitational Reminder

Innkeeper’s Invitational Reminder

Don’t miss Hearthstone’s first-ever exhibition matchups at BlizzCon with the Innkeeper’s Invitational! Some of Hearthstone’s most dedicated streamers bring you the fun and excitement of deck-dueling live on stage for everyone to enjoy. Watch the semi-finals and finals of the tournament for free via or on our World of Warcraft Twitch channel.

Here are your eight Innvitees! Who are you rooting for to become the Grandmaster of the Hearth? Show your support for our Innvitees and use these icons for your Twitter avatars during BlizzCon along with the hashtags below! (Click each icon for a bigger version!)



#teamnoxious #teamtrump #teamhafu #teamkripp #teamreckful #teamday9 #teamhusky #teamartosis

Still unsure who to root for? Make sure to check out our Player Spotlights featuring Innvitees Noxious, Hafu, Husky, and Reckful here and Trump, Day[9], Artosis, and Kripparrian here.

Check out our full bracket of the tournament here!

If you can’t make it to BlizzCon – no problem! You can watch the full BlizzCon experience up to two weeks after the event with the Virtual Ticket, which will also net you a Legendary Mystery Minion for your collection!