Shuffle Hearthstone Into Your Pinny Arcade Collection!

Shuffle Hearthstone Into Your Pinny Arcade Collection!

The PAX East Pinny Arcade program is back, and the Hearthstone team is excited to announce our special additions to the ever-growing Pinny Arcade pin collection!


You can add the Hearthstone Card Pin to your collection by simply visiting the Blizzard booth (#848)  on the show floor and playing a demo of any of our games!

The rare Leeroy Jenkins Pin can be obtained by finding our designated “Leeroy Jenkins” Blizzard employee charging around on the show floor. If you happen to find Leeroy and impress him with your best Battlecry, he’ll give you a Whelp* card that you can redeem at the Blizzard booth for your pin. Keep an eye out on our Twitter at @PlayHearthstone and communicate with fellow pin collectors using the hashtag #WheresLeeroy to find out when Leeroy and his whelps are roaming the floor. Quantities are limited, so keep an eye out for this legendary opportunity!

Alright? Let’s do this! We’ll see you at PAX East!

*Please be careful when handling whelp cards. Do not touch whelp cards to other whelp cards, or they may multiply uncontrollably and fill the expo hall with whelps. There will be no escape. You have been warned.