Victory! Road to BlizzCon - Reynad

Victory! Road to BlizzCon - Reynad

The Hearthstone Americas Championship Qualifier Tournament is fast approaching, and qualified card-slingers will soon be dueling for the chance to head to the Hearthstone World Championship at BlizzCon 2014, where they’ll compete for glory and a $250,000 prize pool.

The players that will be competing in the Championship Qualifier have earned their spots in a variety of ways, such as winning invitational tournaments, conquering community tournaments, or exhibiting excellence in ranked play.

These worthy competitors each have victory on their minds, but they also bring their own unique spark to the journey as well!  Join us as we get to know the people behind the decks: their stories, their favorite decks, how they convince Ragnaros to hit their intended target, and more!


What’s more impressive than being a top notch ladder player in Hearthstone? Why, creating popular ladder decks, of course! Reynad first attained notoriety on the scene with a high-powered aggressive Warrior deck and has continued to be an innovator on the scene with a number of different classes, including Warlock and Hunter. When he’s not piecing together popular decks, Reynad runs the professional Hearthstone team Tempo Storm, creates Hearthstone content, and more. It’s fair to assume that he might really enjoy the game!

What is your favorite deck to play?

It changes often, but I have the most fun playing Handlock, Zoo, Control Warrior, and Tempo Rogue.

What’s your favorite/craziest play you’ve ever made in Hearthstone?

 What’s your process for testing decks? When does a deck officially become a success?

I get an idea in my head and play a million games on ladder with it. If I feel like it has potential I keep tweaking it. Nine times out of ten it's not good enough, but occasionally a deck will go undefeated for an absurd number of games, at which point I play it up to top 5 Legend and consider it a success.

If you could design a card, what would it be?

I just want 1 mana Shiv back. Or maybe a better life gain card, like a 2 mana 1/3 taunt that gains 3 life.

 Are there any players you’re looking forward to or nervous about playing against?

I'm just hoping to dodge my teammates! Tides and I have a history of knocking each other out of events.

 If you could make Polymorph turn a minion into something other than a sheep, what would it be?

A Salt Shaker.

How does one go about making a deal with Ragnaros?

Look at how I go about doing it, then do the opposite of that.

What are you passionate about outside of Hearthstone and other video games?

Learning how to run a business.

Be sure to catch Reynad talking Hearthstone on both Twitter and Twitch.