Goblins vs Gnomes: Goblins! Gnomes!

Goblins vs Gnomes: Goblins! Gnomes!

In the coming weeks we’ll be talking about what makes Goblins vs Gnomes so delightful, weird, and wonderful—and we’re revealing some of the new cards along the way! Each blog will show off some cards and explore different themes and mechanics that are featured in Goblins vs Gnomes.

Today we’re talking about the two short-but-mighty races that embody the type of zany antics that will surprise you at every turn in the expansion:

Goblins and Gnomes
A rivalry that spans Warcraft’s long history, pitting the brilliant, but unstable, minds of Azeroth’s most creative denizens against one another in a contest to create the most amazing, crazy, smoke-spewing, gear-grinding, time-bending, earth-rattling inventions ever conceived.

These little gals and guys have a way of getting under our skin. Their antics inspire affection in many, and annoyance in some, but they always get a reaction. The manic mayhem that seems to happen whenever they’re around is a natural fit for the delightful surprises you’ll find in Hearthstone.

Goblins are known for their keen business sense and an unhealthy affection for massive explosions. They like their gold, but nothing gets a goblin’s pulse pounding like a ticking timer or a fuse fizzing down. When you draw a Goblin card, you know that things are about to get LOUD. And messy. Very, very messy.

GvGthemed_BombLobber_HS_Lightbox_CK_500x250.jpg GvGthemed_GoblinSapper_HS_Lightbox_CK_500x250.jpg

The brilliant, but also probably crazy, gnomes love to tinker. Their insatiable curiosity, genius, and utter disregard for safety and common sense all lead them to tinker with just about everything, including machinery, time, space, and the essential biology of friends and foes alike. When you see a Gnome card on the board, it’s a safe bet that things are gonna get weird.


There’s more to come, so stay tuned! Don’t forget to visit www.goblinsvsgnomes.com to help decide which Goblins vs Gnomes cards will be revealed before the expansion arrives!