Goblins vs Gnomes: It’s Not Ogre Till It’s Ogre

Goblins vs Gnomes: It’s Not Ogre Till It’s Ogre

Our dive into Goblins vs Gnomes cards continues today as we explore another one of the fun themes coming in Hearthstone’s explosive first expansion.

With all that racket of smashing, clanging, and other noises of mechanized destruction, it was bound to draw some attention from another Azerothian race that loves to smash things up: Ogres. These heavy hitters really, really like to smash things, and they’re ready to join the fray in Goblins vs Gnomes!

The large, brutish, often clumsy ogres have a knack for “CRUSH BIG THING INTO SMALL THINGS,” making them a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Don’t have a trash compactor handy to mash that malfunctioning mech into spare parts? Get ogre it! Ogres aren’t particularly careful in what they hit and don’t take orders kindly—as long as they hit something, they’re satisfied. This makes them both unpredictable and dangerous in combat.

In Goblins vs Gnomes, many ogres will have the “50% chance to attack the wrong enemy” card text, reflecting their wild and uncontrollable nature. Like previously mentioned, ogres don’t care about what they hit as long as they hit “something,” so their ability can also potentially bypass Taunt and Stealth if one of their wild swings manages to connect. When you see an Ogre on the battlefield, watch out; something is about to get smashed!



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