Join the League of Explorers on November 12!

Join the League of Explorers on November 12!

Adventure awaits!  Grab your hat and join the League of Explorers to reclaim an ancient artifact of immense power. Prepare to journey to remote and exotic locales, defy insidious traps in the depths of forgotten temples, and dodge unfathomable doom at every turn to discover ancient treasures.

Meet the members of the League:

Reno JacksonBrann BronzebeardSir Finley MrrggltonElise Starseeker

Now fill your trusty haversack with your best Hearthstone cards, and prepare to set off on an unforgettable expedition accompanied by the finest minds in modern Azerothian archaeology. You’ll need to delve into perilous forbidden ruins to piece together the Staff of Origination—a priceless artifact of untold power.

While uncovering forgotten artifacts is all well and good, we all know the best part of archeology is collecting them! Do your part as an official member of the League of Explorers to Discover ancient treasures: each time you play a card with the new Discover key word, you’ll get to choose between three random cards that can be used by your class. Dig up just what you need to get out of a tight spot!


The League of Explorers features two new game boards!  These exotic locales form the backdrop for your expedition.

Archaeology isn’t archaeology without an excavation! Unearth the ancient hewn-stone halls of Uldaman! Explore the ruins of the ancient city, and unravel timeless mysteries! Find out what that light beam thing does—what could go wrong?


The Hall of Explorers
If these tastefully wood-paneled walls could talk, they’d tell tales of amazing discoveries, painstaking research, and the boundless bravery and enthusiasm of the League of Explorers. They’d probably also mention that one weird thing Reno does when he doesn’t think anyone else is around.


Research, Research, Research!
Now that you’re filled with a thirst to brave the unknown, it’s time to learn a little more about what you’re getting yourself into! Chart a course to the official League of Explorers site to find out everything you need to know about Hearthstone’s latest adventure!

Finish your Adventure with a satchel stuffed to the brim with brand-new Hearthstone cards! Visit the official Hearthstone Facebook page to peruse a carefully curated catalogue of all the new League of Explorers cards!


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The League of Explorers launches on November 12, so make sure you’re all packed and ready to go. Thanks for joining us for Hearthstone’s latest adventure, and we’ll see you on the expedition!