Spring Season Tavern Heroes Revamp!

Spring Season Tavern Heroes Revamp!

Update: The application deadline has been extended to April 20, and the events deadline has been extended to May 1 for Tavern Hero Qualifiers.

We’ve heard your call, aspiring champions—and now there are more ways to get involved with the Tavern Heroes program than ever before! Starting Saturday, March 12, approved Fireside Gatherings will be able to host Tavern Hero Qualifiers. Winners of these competitions will be eligible to participate in the Tavern Hero tournament for a chance to earn a spot at the 2016 Hearthstone Americas Spring Preliminary. Find out more below!

Tavern Heroes

Fireside Gatherings near you will now be eligible to host Tavern Hero Qualifiers, where you can battle it out against your fellow patrons to determine who will represent your local inn at one of the select Tavern Hero tournament locations across the Americas. The Tavern Hero tournament for the Spring Season will take place the day before the Spring Preliminary begins, and the top 32 players will be crowned Tavern Heroes. These players will then join the top 128 competitors from the point standings to do battle in the Americas Spring Preliminary for one of eight spots in the Americas Spring Championship. See our 2016 Hearthstone Championship Tour blog for details on this year’s point structure and match formats.

Applications to host these events are now closed.

Tavern Hero Qualifier competition requirements:

  • Must take place from March 12 to May 1
  • Must be open to the public, and held in a public venue
  • Must have a minimum of 16 players
  • Must use the Conquest format
  • Must provide a completed event report and tournament bracket within 1 week of the end of the qualifier via email to FiresideGatherings@blizzard.com
  • Organizers are not eligible to participate in their own Tavern Hero Qualifier

Note: An organizer may run more than one qualifier during the Spring Season, but all previous events must be reported with tournament results before new events will be approved.

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