Search Your Hearthstone Collection Like Never Before!

Search Your Hearthstone Collection Like Never Before!

New search tags have been added to Hearthstone to help you navigate your Collection with more precision than ever! Need to find 1-attack minions to fill out your Hobgoblin deck? Want some high health minions to play in your Confuse and Inner Fire Priest deck? Or are you just looking to admire all of your shiny golden card animations? Don’t sweat it! We’ve added brand new search tags, and special keywords to help you search your Collection like never before. 

With Patch 4.2, the Collection Manager search feature has been improved to allow you to search for cards with specific numerical values. For instance, you can look for cards with an attack value of exactly 1 with the attack:1 search tag to fill that Hobgoblin deck you’ve been experimenting with. You can also search for cards with high health with the health:7+ search tag to give your Priest deck some beefy minions to work those heals on.

Numerical search tags can be applied to the following values: attack, health, mana, and owned. Examples of some of the types of searches you can do can be found below:

       attack:1     Only find cards with an attack value of 1
       health:7+     Only find cards with a health value of 7 or greater
       mana:5-      Only find cards with a mana cost of 5 or less
       attack:3-5       Only find cards with an attack value between 3 and 5, inclusive
       owned:1       Only find cards that you own a single copy of

We’ve also added a few special keywords to help you better filter your Collection:Keep in mind you can use the same numerical parameters for any of the four search tags mentioned above.

       extra     Show all cards you have more than 2 copies of, including golden cards
       golden     Show only golden cards
       missing      Show any cards you don’t have (only works in Card Crafting mode)
       new       Show any “New” cards in your collection

You can also combine these tags to make your search even more specific. Find all minions with 3-attack and 3-health by using the attack:3 health:3 search tag combination. Admire all of your golden epics with a golden epic search. Or use extra rare to look for extra rare cards you can disenchant to craft some new cards.

Some search functions have changed with the addition of these new tags. To search for a particular artist, simply type in artist:name to find cards by the named artist (for example, artist:alex or artist:horley; the name can be first or last, but cannot include spaces). Additionally, cards that include one of the special keywords in their card text, such as Elise Starseeker with “Golden Monkey”, will not appear when you search for golden (unless you have a golden version of Elise). Please also ensure that your search parameters don’t conflict with the other search filters. For example, if you have 4-cost cards selected with the Mana Crystals, the mana:3 search tag will return no results.

With these new keywords and tags, you’ll be able to find cards and build decks faster than ever before—so pull up a chair, open up your Collection Manager, and start searching!