Whispers of the Old Gods – Say C’Thun Three Times Fast

Whispers of the Old Gods – Say C’Thun Three Times Fast

Ancient evils have woken from their ageless slumber to stretch their tentacles and spread mayhem among mortals in Hearthstone’s newest expansion: Whispers of the Old Gods! Now it’s time to dig a little deeper, and find out more about the minds behind the tentacles.

Some might think that if you’ve seen one horrifying eldritch mass of eyeballs and squirming pseudopods bent on corrupting Azeroth, you’ve seen them all. Not so! There’s more to know, so pull up a moth eaten chair, crack open a dusty old grimoire, and get ready to delve into some delightfully forbidden lore.

CThun_enUS_HS_GIF_EK_350x432.gifThe Eye Has It
C’Thun is basically a gigantic eyeball on a bed of the evillest pasta imaginable. Also tentacle eyebeams. And terror. And dread whispers that infest your imagination. In addition to having a name that is pronounced incorrectly in many different ways (hint: Kuh-THOON), C’Thun may be the most famous of the Old Gods. It lies imprisoned deep beneath the cyclopean desert ruins of Ahn’Qiraj. Its legion of insectile servants—the Qiraji—once helped conquer nearly all of Azeroth many millennia ago, and were more recently involved in a dustup that caused some high-profile mayhem. All this while still in prison! It’s hard to keep an Old God down.

C’Thun’s mortal cultists are some of the best in the business! Old Gods might not pay well, but the benefits can be great. Most of C’Thun’s devoted followers—16 in all—offer a direct buff to C’Thun when played. It’s not all volunteer work either; the more powerful C’Thun becomes, the greater the potential reward—it’s a squid-pro-quo kind of thing.

Beckoner of EvilBeckonerOfEvil_enUS_HS_GIF_EK_350x432.gif
Some people just want to watch the world burn . . . or at least watch it get horribly corrupted by ancient entities from beyond time. There’s a phrase for people like that: “Pssst. Hey, Evil, come’ere for a sec.”

The Beckoner of Evil is a cultist who just can’t wait to break C’Thun out of prison, and she’s doing her part to bring that day ever nearer.


Ancient Shieldbearer
Bearing ancient shields probably sounds like a boring job, but Ancient Shieldbearer picked it up quick and hasn’t put it down since. Though, in fairness, she probably can’t put it down. Ever. Having an eyeball shield permanently fused into your flesh is sure to make finding a comfy sleeping position difficult, but it’s a small price to pay for such eye-catching protection! C’Thun has an eye for safety equipment. And style.

We hope you enjoyed cuddling up with C’Thun and friends. There are more Old Gods lurking in the dark below, so get ready for more soul-rending terror (and card reveals)!

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