Watch the Hearthstone Spring Championships!

Watch the Hearthstone Spring Championships!

The Hearthstone Championship Tour's Spring Season will come to an epic conclusion with the crowning of the Spring Champions! Across three consecutive weekends in June, we will host the Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Americas Spring Championships taking place at the Hollywood Riviera Studios in Torrance, California. Each weekend, the eight qualifying players from their respective region’s Preliminary event will be flown in to battle it out and stake their claim as that region’s Spring Champion. The winners will also earn a spot at this year’s Hearthstone World Championship at BlizzCon, and earn a share of each Championship’s $100,000 USD prize pool!

Where to Watch

You can catch all of the exciting action on the official Hearthstone Twitch channel!

Europe Spring Championship: June 11-12 – 9:00 AM PDT (16:00 UTC, 18:00 CEST)
Casters: Robert ‘Whirthun’ Wing, Dan ‘Frodan’ Chou, Brian Kibler, TJ ‘Azumo’ Sanders,  Janne ‘Savjz’ Mikkonen, Simon ‘Sottle’ Welch

Asia-Pacific Spring Championship: June 17-18 – 9:00 PM PDT (June 18-19 – 12:00 CST, 13:00 KST)
Casters: Dan ‘Frodan’ Chou, TJ ‘Azumo’ Sanders, Janne ‘Savjz’ Mikkonen, Erik "Doa" Lonnquist, Cora ‘Songbird’ Georgiou, Nathan 'ThatsAdmirable' Zamora

Americas Spring Championship: June 25-26 – 9:00 AM PDT
Casters: Robert ‘Whirthun’ Wing, Dan ‘Frodan’ Chou, Brian Kibler, TJ ‘Azumo’ Sanders, Cora ‘Songbird’ Georgiou, Alexander ‘Raven’ Baguley
Streams: English, Spanish, Portuguese

Calling all Innkeepers!

The Spring Championships are an ideal time to host an exciting Fireside Gathering viewing party. Not an Innkeeper? No worries, just head on over to the official Fireside Gatherings site to find an event near you, or better yet, learn how to host your own Spring Championship viewing party! Join some fellow gamers to watch the heated competition and perhaps partake in some friendly brawls yourself! 

The Participants

Here are the participants for each region’s Championship:

Europe: AKAWonder, Casie, Crane333, Georgec, Iner, Loyan, ThijsNL, Turna

Asia-Pacific: Caster, EdwardElric, Foot, HandsomeGuy, heisnotaxel, Jako1910, KillerHero, Pinpingho

Americas: Bradfordlee, Cydonia, Deerjason, Duane, Joster, Napoleon, PNC, Rosty

The Format

For each Championship, the players will face off in a best-of-seven single-elimination bracket using the Conquest match format with a Ban. The winner will claim the Spring Championship title, the $25,000 first place prize, and their spot at the 2016 Hearthstone World Championship.

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