Step into The Parlor

Step into The Parlor

Hmm, unannounced visitors. You’re early.

Master Medivh has some, ah . . . business in the rooms above, but I’m sure he’ll be delighted to show you around once it is complete. Please feel free to wait for him outside.

Oh, you want to come inside? I suppose I can delay all the extremely important preparations that I was overseeing so I can play at being your tour guide.

Ahem, where are my manners? Allow me to introduce myself. I am Moroes, steward of Karazhan. Karazhan is known to one and all as the most magnificently magical dwelling on Azeroth—indeed, the entire edifice is positively crackling with arcane energies! The Master seems to think that this is the ideal location for the greatest party the world has ever seen. A “real rager,” I believe he called it.

Selfie_01.pngBe Someone’s Guest, I Suppose
Ordinarily we’d welcome guests to relax in the dining hall with a nice spot of tea. Alas, they’re still decorating for the party, so we’ll just cut through the kitchens here. Our kitchens are almost completely magically automated, and we have dishes and silverware to serve hundreds of guests. Most of our tableware are priceless antiques, and a few were even gifts from the King himself! And voila—the kitchens!

Oh my! The tableware is singing. And dancing. Musical tableware isn’t on the approved decorations list, but the song is catchy, don’t you think? Medivh has been enchanting everything in sight to make sure that his party leaves a lasting impression, so you never know quite what will happen next. It is odd though . . . they’re normally so well behaved when the Master is home. Well, let’s move on, and please don’t feed the forks. It’s not dinner tine yet, ha ha. Ha. Um, right. This way, please.

Kara Kazham! - Spell: 5, Summon a 1/1 Candle, 2/2 Broom, and a 3/3 Teapot.

You’re in for One Hall of a Time
As we stroll through this hallway, you’ll notice our collection of paintings from some of the greatest artists to have ever lived, and even a few that haven’t been born yet! I really don’t know how the Master manages it. No touching, of course.

Yes, they’re magnificent, aren’t they? Oh, this one with the drape over it? It isn’t a painting at all; it’s a mirror. A magic mirror. Medivh animated it with an experimental enchantment. Oh, perhaps a tad unruly at first, but it’s quite friendly now. Complimentary, even! Most of the time. And here we are, at the game room.

One Game in KarazhanIvory Knight - Minion: 6/4/4 - Battlecry: Discover a spell. Restore Health to your hero equal to its Cost.
There’s only one game in the game room, and that game is chess. You see, Medivh is a dedicated aficionado of chess. The masterfully carved pieces, the intricate strategies, the meeting of mind and will! The Master just loves it. Yes, chess is the game for this game room. That could be because the pieces are so large that there’s no room for other games in here. It could also be that the pieces get offended when other games are introduced and, ah, tend to violently destroy them when no one is watching. Well, whatever the reason, chess it is!

Is it dangerous? While this chess set is animated by immensely powerful magics and sometimes exhibits a mind of its own, I assure you that it’s perfectly safe. Unless you happen to be backgammon, ha ha!

Well, that was all very diverting. It, ah, seems that the master is still indisposed. How strange. . . . Well, I suppose we’ll continue with a tour of the opera house while we’re waiting.

Oh, and some good people have written some lovely things about the party tonight, so please take the time to read all about it.