Welcome the Welcome Bundle!

Welcome the Welcome Bundle!

Krizgut, our goblin inventory manager, has managed to secure a special deal for new and old players alike in our next content update: the new Welcome Bundle!

For $4.99 USD, the Welcome Bundle contains:

10 Classic Hearthstone packs!

One random class Legendary card from the Classic set!*

If you’re new to Hearthstone and wondering where to begin, the Welcome Bundle will set you well on your way to building a Classic deck recipe or creating an exciting new deck of your own. You’ll unwrap one of nine Classic class Legendaries, such as the mystical Mage card Archmage Antonidas, or the relentless Warrior card Grommash Hellscream!

If you’re a veteran player looking to add more Classic cards to your collection, the Welcome Bundle is an incredible deal for the price!

Welcome Bundles are available just once per account, for as long as Krizgut can keep the ethereal portal open! Grab yours soon and find out which Legendary is waiting for you!

*Legendary cards included in the Welcome Bundle are not golden.