The Journey Begins April 6!

The Journey Begins April 6!

The most momentous scientific expedition in Hearthstone history is about to commence: the Journey to Un’Goro begins on April 6! Un’Goro Crater is a wondrous—yet dangerous—locale brimming with voracious vegetation, powerful elementals, gigantic primordial dinosaurs, and ancient mysteries waiting to be unraveled. You’ve been selected to join the expedition, and there’s still a little time left to prepare for the trip!

Gear Up!

Time may be short, but you can still ensure that you are geared up for every expedition eventuality by pre-purchasing a bundle of 50 Journey to Un’Goro card packs. Not only will you be more than ready to begin your trip, you’ll also add the Fossil card pack to your museum’s collection.


There's also still time to pick up a few more vital pieces of adventuring kit by logging into Hearthstone each day. The Year of the Mammoth celebration brings daily rewards that will no doubt be of use to you on your travels. Log in each day through April 5 to acquire your rewards, including free card packs, dust, gold, and even a golden Volcanosaur card!

Expedition Research!

While many mysteries yet remain, a number of fellow scientists and adventurers have expertise to share regarding what lurks in the misty green jungles of the crater. Slake your thirst for knowledge with their collective wisdom and experience!

The expedition begins within the week, so start your preparations for the Journey to Un’Goro now!