Watch the New Hearthstone Animated Short: Hearth and Home

Watch the New Hearthstone Animated Short: Hearth and Home

Harth Stonebrew’s tavern is a special place. If you strolled among the packed tables and raucous laughter on a busy night, you’d overhear stories of exhausting travel and perilous adventure—and of lucky voyagers somehow finding the tavern just when they needed it the most.

For the colorful cast of characters who inhabit the Hearthstone tavern, it’s more than just a place to put up their feet or toss back a tasty brew. It’s a place where the magic of hospitality fills the air, and good times are shared by everyone who happens through the door. In the tavern, the joy of the unexpected or the thrill of competition can be found at any hour.

The tavern always seems to be just where it needs to be, and you can find it, too!

Watch Hearthstone’s latest short, Hearth and Home, to join Ava as she discovers why Hearthstone is home!

Meet the Players

Harth Stonebrew, dwarven innkeeper and founder of the tavern. Always ready with a friendly greeting, a cold pint, and a sympathetic ear. Presumably an ordinary dwarf. Presumably.
Malto, a Mage, an expert in matters arcane, and a fountain of sage wisdom. The first-ever guest of the tavern, long before anyone can remember. Mentor to all, and friend of Harth.
Sarge, a mouse and friend to all. Brave, loyal, and highly intelligent. Frequently a hero.
Fewz and Wick, goblin brothers. They often provide commentary, whether requested or not, for the tavern’s heated Hearthstone matches.
Lou, a Paladin with glorious hair, impressive muscles, and good humor. Beloved by all (he’s quite certain). Once an adventurer. Will he be one again?
Bertie, a gnome, a former soldier, and mender of all things mechanized or mystifying. Friend of Urk.
Urk, an orc who is smarter than he looks. Or acts. More sensitive than he seems. Still running up a huge tab in broken tables. Has an axe for every occasion.
Velaris, a blood elf aristocrat and far too rich for bad taste. Likes to win and hates to lose. Friend of himself.