Hearthstone Game Mechanics Update

Hearthstone Game Mechanics Update

Hearthstone has a lot going on under the hood. In most cases, the cause-and-effect interactions when cards are played are relatively straightforward and easy to predict, but because of the way certain events are timed, some very surprising things can happen in rare circumstances. We want cards to work the way that you guess they might—in other words, we want the game to work intuitively.

In the upcoming patch, we’re making some changes in pursuit of that goal. We want Hearthstone to continue to be strategically deep: a game of careful choices, calculated risks, and exciting events. So we want to be extra clear that this update isn’t a change in depth; instead, it’s one step in an ongoing effort improve Hearthstone’s mechanics.

In this video, Hearthstone Gameplay Engineer Josh Durica gives you an overview of what to expect from the changes coming in the next patch.

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Of course, our work to make Hearthstone better won’t stop here!

Like the majority of odd interactions, each of these situations represents an edge case. While this update will address every situation we illustrated (among many others), there are still bound to be more. Keep in mind these are substantial changes to the core systems that underlie Hearthstone, so we need to make them incrementally, and with the utmost care. But you can rest assured that we’ll continue to make improvements over time.