Tavern vs Tavern: Top 16

Tavern vs Tavern: Top 16

With the release of the new Fireside Gatherings features—including persistent Taverns—players will have the opportunity to represent their communities in a new, exciting way: Tavern vs. Tavern!

Ever wonder how your Fireside friends would stack up against another Tavern? Here is your chance to find out. Innkeepers across North America will have the opportunity to form teams of three players and have their teams represent their Taverns in a tournament to test their skills and see who emerges on top.


Taverns that advance to the playoffs will need to host a one-day Fireside Gathering on Saturday, Oct. 7. This event will also be expected to last five to six hours.

The top 16 Taverns will battle it out for the chance to win a trip to BlizzCon! Each of these Taverns will host a Fireside Gathering during the tournament, so stop by to have fun with friends and watch the action unfold! See the links below for more information:

Tavern Name Fireside Gathering Link
Versus Tavern More Info
PFGfiresides More Info
The Murks of Murda More Info
KCFiresides More Info
The Cave More Info
Stony Brook Esports More Info
PSU Hearthstone More Info
Carleton More Info
Gamerz More Info
RazerStore SF More Info
The Angry Chicken More Info
Vancouver HS More Info
The Eternal Friends More Info
Portland Firesides More Info
Tapped Out Gaming More Info
The Tribe More Info

Grand Final

The Grand Final will be held at BlizzCon (Nov. 3 and 4). The top teams will compete following the conclusion of the first official Hearthstone Inn-vitational. Check here for the official rules. More details on the BlizzCon Inn-vitational are coming soon.

In addition to being flown out to BlizzCon to compete, each player that qualifies to the Grand Final will receive an ROG ZEPHYRUS GX501VS-XS71 gaming laptop! Blizzard will also sponsor an awesome viewing party for the HCT World Championship in early 2018 for the winning Tavern!