HCT 2018 Will Tour the Globe!

HCT 2018 Will Tour the Globe!

The Hearthstone Championship Tour (HCT) is going all around the world in 2018. Yes, we’re talking large-scale Hearthstone tournaments that will be landing in major cities near you this year! Tour Stops will come in a variety of formats, but they all have two things in common: competitive Hearthstone, and exotic locations!

There will be two types of Tour Stops, so be sure to read announcements carefully to understand which one you’re signing up for.


HCT 2018 Rules

Player Handbook

Grand Prix

Grand Prix Tour Stops will require a minimum of 128 players in attendance on-site, and may be run in Swiss or double elimination formats. Participating players must cover their own travel and accommodation for Grand Prix Tour Stops.

Online to Offline

Online to Offline Tour Stops will have a minimum of four online 256-player brackets leading up to a 16-player offline playoff. Where applicable, a minimum of one online bracket will be reserved for the specific competitive sub-region (Latin America, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, et al.) that the Tour Stop is held in. Two online brackets will be dedicated to the wider competitive region the Tour Stop is held in, while the last online bracket will be a global one. Europe will not have any sub-region brackets—instead, it will have three regional brackets and one global bracket. Tournament organizers will cover travel and accommodations of players who qualify for the playoffs.

Players who sign up for brackets that they are ineligible for based on their Blizzard Battle.net country of residence will be dropped from the tournament.

Dates and Announcements


Start planning your travel and how you’ll earn points with the Season 1 Tour Stop schedule! All Tour Stops will have their own individual announcements and signups, so be sure to keep an eye on the Hearthstone Esports official Twitter and Facebook channels. All Tour Stops will have their registration dates and information promoted on Hearthstone Esports’ social channels.

Season 1 Schedule

HCT Stop Event Dates Stop Location
HCT Germany* Feb. 10 and 11 Europe
Copa America Stop 1* Feb. 17 and 18 Americas
HCT Sydney* Feb. 24 and 25 Asia-Pacific
EGLX (Register) March 9 through 11 Americas

HCT Bangkok 

March 16 through 18 Asia-Pacific

HCT Oslo

March 24 and 25 Europe

Season 2 Schedule

HCT Stop Event Dates Stop Location
HCT Copa Season 2* April 5 through 8 Americas
HCT Taipei April 27 and 29 Asia-Pacific
DreamHack Tours (Register) May 19 through 21 Europe

DreamHack Austin (Register)

June 1 through 3 Americas

HCT Seoul

June Asia-Pacific

DreamHack Summer (Register)

June 16 through 19 Europe

HCT Italy 

July 6 through 8 Europe

HCT Esports Arena

July Americas
HCT Japan* July Asia-Pacific

Season 3 Schedule

HCT Stop Event Dates Stop Location
HCT Taichung Aug. 1 through 5 Asia-Pacific
HCT Germany 2 Aug. 11 and 12 Europe
HCT Buenos Aires Aug. 16 through 19 Americas
HCT DreamHack Montreal Sep. 7 through 9 Americas

*Online qualifiers begin a month before the listed event dates.

The Hearthstone team around the world cannot wait to start seeing you at local events! If you have any questions, send them our way over Twitter or Facebook with the #HCT hashtag.