HCT Will Spend Its Summer in Sweden–with DreamHack HCT Summer 2018

HCT Will Spend Its Summer in Sweden–with DreamHack HCT Summer 2018

The Hearthstone Championship Tour (HCT) is headed back to Jönköping, Sweden, where the first ever DreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix tournament took place. Eight Hearthstone champions have since been crowned in Jönköping; it’s now time for the ninth with DreamHack HCT Grand Prix Summer 2018.

DreamHack HCT Summer is June 16 through 18. 191 Hearthstone competitive points and $15,000 USD are on the line for the tournament’s top players.

Tournament Information

DreamHack HCT Summer will feature a 256-player Swiss bracket that funnels into the top 16 single elimination playoffs. Matches will be best-of-five in the Last Hero Standing format, with one ban. Deck lists will be open, with the tournament administered through smash.gg. Games will be played on the European Hearthstone server, and all tournament rounds will be streamed. DreamHack is a bring-your-own-device tournament, so your device needs to have an ethernet port (wired internet).

DreamHack HCT Summer takes place at the Elmia Exhibition and Convention Centre in Jönköping. Tens of thousands of gamers from all corners of the world visit this event every summer to participate in the myriad tournaments it hosts, and to bask in the atmosphere of one of the most prestigious LAN events in the world.

Spots at DreamHack HCT Summer are limited. Aspiring competitors should sign up here as soon as possible. If the tournament is full, registrants will be placed on a waiting list, and DreamHack staff will contact you via email if a spot becomes available.

Attending the tournament (to compete or to spectate) requires the purchase of a DreamHack HCT Summer event pass. Select the BYOC pass if you want to partake in the full event festivities.

Register Now

If you have any questions about the tournament, please reach out to DreamHack staff via email. As with other Grand Prix tour stops, travel to the tournament must be self-funded. The full ruleset for DreamHack HCT Grand Prix events can be viewed here, with the HCT 2018 Player Handbook available here.


DreamHack HCT Summer will take place from Saturday, June 16 through Monday, June 18. The schedule for the tournament is as follows:

  • June 16: Swiss rounds 1—6, 11:00 to 22:00 CEST
  • June 17: Swiss rounds 7—9 and Top 16 playoffs, 11:00 to 22:00 CEST
  • June 18: Top eight playoffs, 11:00 to 22:00 CEST

Points and Prizing

DreamHack HCT Summer Hearthstone Competitive Point and prizing distribution is as follows:

Standing Points Prize
1st 15 $5,000
2nd 12 $3,000
3rd – 4th 10 $1,500
5th – 8th 8 $1000
9th – 16th 6 -
17th – 32nd 4 -
Total: 191 $15,000

Who can participate in DreamHack HCT Summer?

Registration for DreamHack HCT Summer is open globally.

Which game region will DreamHack HCT Summer be conducted on?

DreamHack HCT Summer will be played on the Europe game region.

What is the format for all matches in DreamHack HCT Summer?

Group stage will be played in Swiss format, best-of-five Last Hero Standing matches with one ban. Each player must bring four decks. The full ruleset for DreamHack HCT Summer can be viewed here, with the HCT 2018 Player Handbook available here.

How do I get more information on DreamHack HCT Summer?

Reach out to DreamHack Staff at Hearthstone[@]DreamHack.se with any questions.

Can I play with an account that is not mine?

All participating players must be the legal owners of their Hearthstone accounts. Players found to not be in ownership of the account they are using to play will be disqualified immediately.

Stay up to date on tournament details through the DreamHack Hearthstone Twitter channel and let us know your thoughts with the hashtag #DHGP. We’ll see you in the tavern!

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