Off-Meta Spotlight – May 18, 2018

Off-Meta Spotlight – May 18, 2018

One of the greatest joys in Hearthstone is watching players adapt and grow throughout the course of a competitive season. Whether they’re coming up with exciting new interactions or mastering new decks, it’s inspiring to see what pops up on the ladder in the face of stiff competition.

Today, we’re highlighting the success of a few players who have performed well at the rank of Legend with decks that would be considered “outside of” the current meta.

To find these decks, we scoured the rankings for players that did well last week, and picked out some interesting builds from among these top performers. We only selected decks that were played in 50 or more games at the rank of Legend.

With The Witchwood came a minion that counts as ALL minion types—the Nightmare Amalgam. It’s been exciting to watch this frightening card revive a deck that hasn’t been seen in quite some time: Warlock Murloc Zoo! With this build, 周一信徒 reached very high into the rank of Legend on the CN servers with a 62% win rate. Mrrglgl!


Dragon Buff Priest was a popular and powerful deck prior to The Witchwood, but the rotation hit it hard. However, in the hands of 그림자멀록, we’re able to see that the light still holds sway over these powerful creatures. This deck made up for lost synergies with the staying power provided by Divine Hymn and Wyrmguard, and helped 그림자멀록 rise through the KR and TW Legend ranks with a 58% win rate.


Shudderwock made a huge splash in the opening days of The Witchwood release, but has all but disappeared from meta lists. However, some players have continued to experiment in attempts to refine and recapture the early success of this Legendary shaman minion. With assistance from Hemet, Jungle Hunter, this deck helped Lightman from the EU server “get to the good stuff” much sooner so he could show off Shudderwock’s late game closing power.


Congratulations to 周一信徒, 그림자멀록, and Lightman for piloting these amazing decks through the ranks of Legend!

Have some crazy decks you would like to share? Seen anything impressive on your ladder journey? Let us know on TwitterFacebook, or in the comments below!

Good luck in The Witchwood!