Update 11.2 – June 5

Update 11.2 – June 5

There’s a ton going on in this update: we’re celebrating a new Hearthstone holiday, inviting you to GET IN HERE for a great deal, mopping up Toki’s timeline hijinks, updating game mechanics, AND making improvements to Arena picks! We’re also be fixing a few bugs in the process.

Read on for details!

Taverns of Time Special Event

  • Toki has tangled the timelines! Experience chronological chaos as alternate realities collide in the Tavern!
  • Draft 28 special cards unique to the Arena.
  • Special Taverns of Time Daily Quests award both gold AND dust. 
  • Taverns of Time begins June 11 and lasts through July 2.

Get in Here Bundle

  • PILE ON the packs at a special price. Unlike previous bundles, this one can be purchased any number of times!
  • This bundle includes two each of Classic, The Witchwood, Kobolds & Catacombs, Knights of the Frozen Throne, and Journey to Un’Goro packs, for a total of 10 packs.
  • Get in here while the getting’s good: this bundle disappears June 19 at 10:00 a.m. PDT.

Free Pack Day

Log in on June 13 to claim a free Golden Classic Pack, filled with golden Hearthstone cards!

Game Mechanics Updates

  • Continued updates to game event timing to make card interactions more intuitive. Read our previous Game Mechanics Updates blog for more insight!
  • Counterspell beats whenever and after triggers.
  • Summon and Play triggers are now evaluated using their in-hand stats before they are affected by board modifiers and their Battlecry. 
    • Ex. Playing Faceless Manipulator targeting a 5-attack minion will no longer advance Jungle Giants.  It will be considered a 3/3.
  • Minions that enter the battlefield without being played from hand will have any (Whenever or After) summon triggers evaluated before board modifiers are applied.
    • Ex. If Azure Drake is pulled onto the battlefield adjacent to Dire Wolf Alpha it will no longer advance Jungle Giants.
  • Choose One minions that Transform now consider their transformation effects before entering play. 
    • Ex. Playing Shellshifter and selecting the 5/3 option will count as a 5-attack minion and advance Jungle Giants.

Arena Updates

  • Added several new pick “buckets” for non-Legendary cards and two for Legendary cards.
  • The new buckets are halfway in power between the existing buckets, and they’re intended to create more varied choices when drafting an Arena deck.
  • The very strongest and very weakest cards do not appear in these new buckets, so those cards will appear as picks about half as frequently as they did previously.


Evil Twin Greetings

  • When players with the same hero (except Death Knights) greet each other, new emotes will play!


Added the following card backs:

  • Back in Blue – Acquired from winning five games in Ranked Play, June 2018.


  • Lightforged – Acquired from winning five games in Ranked Play, July 2018.



  • Logging in after a new season begins will now correctly display only the latest season results.
  • Kingsbane that has been transformed into a different legendary by Prince Liam will no longer retain buffs.
  • As Kingsbane is not destroyed when its Deathrattle triggers, Rummaging Kobold will no longer retrieve it.
  • Spellbender will no longer trigger Rat Trap or Hidden Wisdom when it triggers.
  • Rat Trap no longer triggers when your board is full.
  • Voodoo Doll and other Deathrattles now correctly trigger during a Defile.
  • Shadow Reflection now appears correctly when transformed into a spell.
  • A Zombeast crafted out of Vicious Scalehide and Exploding Bloatbat will no longer trigger its Deathrattle animation when it’s played.
  • Tess Greymane will now replay hero cards with her Battlecry.
  • Tess Greymane’s Battlecry is now limited to 30 cards, and will stop if she is silenced, killed, transformed, leaves the battlefield, or if any hero dies.
  • Lynessa Sunsorrow’s Battlecry is now limited to 30 cards and casts the buffs in a random order.
  • Lynessa Sunsorrow’s Battlecry will now include the effects of Choose One cards.
  • Leyline Manipulator now correctly reduces the cost of cards created by Golden Kobold.
  • Effigy triggered by killing Molten Giant now properly summons a new Molten Giant.
  • Night Prowler now has yellow glow in hand when no minions are in the battlefield.
  • King Togwaggle will now swap decks without burning cards if both decks were over 30 cards.
  • Transform effects such as Thrall, Deathseer will no longer activate summon triggers like Starving Buzzard and Blubber Baron.

Monster Hunt

  • Shaw's Shank now correctly counts minions that have taken damage equal to their unbuffed Health.
  • Alternate Timeline no longer resets Infinite Toki’s Health to full when played by a player.
  • Frostmourne will now correctly summon minions that it destroyed before using Toki’s Temporal Loop Hero Power when its Deathrattle triggers.
  • Pillage the Fallen treasure now triggers when Sword of Justice expends its last durability.