The Ballad of Sir Annoy-O

The Ballad of Sir Annoy-O

From Boom Labs came a mighty mech

with armor shining gold.Mandatory Flair requirement.

Crafted well by a gigglin’ tech

who this time broke the mold.

She always made mechs for a lark:

noisy with hair of red.

But they all lacked a special spark

“He needs some Light!” she said.

T’was good then she knew where to find

light in a lazer lab.

Her buddy Kangor wouldn’t mind:

he’d put it on her tab.

She giggled as it powered on,

her masterpiece complete

“You are no MERE Annoy-o-tron!

Now greet, greet, greet, greet, GREET!”


Technicians scowled in every room

so their Boss hatched a ruse.

“Go greet the WORLD” said Dr. Boom

And lit a rocket’s fuse.

The mech crash landed near a town

where he might find a friend.

They thought he was a total clown;

Annoy-O sensed a trend.


He fled their ire into the wood

to stifle oily tears.

What was the use of being good

if all you got was jeers?


He wandered, feeling all aloneThings are getting a bit screwy...

trudging among the trees.

And there he heard the hopeful tone

of laughter on the breeze!


The sound he ventured to track down

and found a fearsome sight:

The Headless Horseman wrecking town

and laughing with delight!

The Headless Horseman...with his head. So...just 'The Horseman' I suppose

The Horseman rhymed as he attacked

creating quite a din.

Their defender already sacked:

an elder paladin.


Annoy-O saw them suffering

he had to face this foe.

He let his mighty warcry ring,



Annoy-O annoyed, swift and sure

when Horseman tried to rhyme.

The brave little mech stopped the cur

“HELLO!” he said each time.


The headless fiend grew frustrated

and couldn’t stand his ground.

His rhymes were getting truncated

with Annoy-O around.


“FINE, I’LL LEAVE!” he said in a huff

atop his ghostly steed.




Then the old knight rose to speak:

“You’ve rescued us from blight!

Sir Annoy-O’s the one they’ll seek;

Young mech, I dub thee knight!”


Now Annoy-O’s known everywhere

as the boldest fellow.

He roots out evil in its lair

and greets it with: