Treat Yourself to a Hallow's End Decklist!

Treat Yourself to a Hallow's End Decklist!

We invite you to celebrate Hallow’s End with a selection of spooky deck lists! From the mysterious mechanized might of Mecha’thun and Uther of the Ebon Blade’s four-horse apocalypse, to the simple joy of haunting your foes with Deathrattle, each of these decks celebrates Hallow’s End in a different way.

They might be more well suited to a friendly challenge than smashing jack’o’lanterns on the ladder, but they’re a lot of fun, and we hope they give you a sinister grin for the holiday!

See you on the Uther-side

This deck is all about harnessing the power of the scourge with Uther of the Ebon Blade!

Take over the board early with a swarm of small minions. Later in the game, combine Uther of the Ebon Blade’s hero power with cards like Youthful Brewmaster and Zola the Gorgon to assemble the Four Horsemen to win the game.

What’s Amara with you?

Deathrattles will haunt your opponent, and then, once you have Amara and can copy her with Zola, YOU’LL HAUNT YOUR OPPONENT, MUAHAHAHAHA!

Summon a bunch of deathrattle minions to complete your quest. After setting your hero’s health to 40 with Amara, Warden of Hope, Shadowreaper Anduin provides tons of damage to close the game.



Stall the game with powerful removal spells and healing effects to draw your entire deck and unleash Mecha’Thun. Using Galvanizer twice reduces Mecha’Thun’s cost to 8 mana, allowing you to play Bloodbloom and Cataclysm in the same turn for a sure win.

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Hope your opponent likes a haunted wood full of giant spiders.

Utilize Taunt minions alongside your upgraded hero power to set up for a huge Hadronox late game. Witching Hour and Carnivorous Cube allow you to get multiple uses out of Hadronox to overwhelm your opponent.

Living Your Best Afterlife

This is a roguish celebration of Deathrattle!

Take control of the game early with cheap minions and follow up with powerful Deathrattle synergies in the mid game.

Have you happened across a tricky deck that you think would make a nice Hallow's End treat? Tell us about it and share the deck code in the comments!

Here's to a very happy Hallow’s End!