Rumble Run has Begun!

Rumble Run has Begun!

It’s time to smash down the gates and take the Gurubashi Arena by storm! In Hearthstone’s newest single-player experience, you’ll take on the role of Rikkar, a fiery young troll who’s eager to fight for the glory of his Loa in Rumble Run!

What is Rumble Run?

If you’ve already faced Monster Hunt or Dungeon Run, then Rumble Run will feel familiar. It’s a super fun, single-player mode where you’ll face opposing rumble teams in a series of challenges, gathering new cards and powers for your Rumble Run deck as you overcome opponents. Your ultimate goal? Beat all eight other teams to win Rastakhan’s Rumble!

There are eight Champions leading each opposing team, but don’t underestimate the opposition. They use the same Shrines you’ll have access to, for a total of 27 different combinations. Their decks become tougher and they get wilier as you ascend the ranks too. Make sure to give 110% in your Rumble Run, because if you lose a challenge, you’ll have to start an entirely new run.

Choose. Your. Loa.

When you start a new Rumble Run, you'll pick your team by selecting one of three Shrines, each one dedicated to one of the nine Loa of Rastakhan’s Rumble. There are three possible Shrines for each team, for a total of 27 that can appear! Once you’ve chosen a Shrine, you’ll be given a starter deck of 10 cards that complement its ability.


So Shriney!

Shrines_ENonly_300x266.gifShrines are potent altars that are infused with powers granted by each team’s Loa. They begin each match in play, and instead of being destroyed, they go dormant and return to the field after three turns. It’s often wise to smash your opponent’s Shrine while defending your own—each Shrine offers an extremely powerful effect that can dramatically change how a Rumble Run deck is built and played.


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Rikkar first steps into the Arena a promising Rumble hopeful with a deck of 10 cards, but each time you overcome a Challenge, you’ll have opportunities to make your deck—and thus Rikkar’s team—stronger! You can earn cards that support your play-style, and you’ll get special opportunities to recruit unique-to-Rumble-Run teammate minions with powerful abilities or upgrade your Shrine. Overcome enough opposing teams and Rikkar will be looking like a championship contender in no time!

Choose wisely, though! Cards that might not seem useful at first glance can be very effective when paired with the right Shrine ability. Choosing the best rewards for your Shrine and deck can mean the difference between glorious victory and starting your Rumble Run all over again.

And victory will be sweet! Complete a full Rumble Run by overcoming all eight opposing teams, and you’ll add the Rumble Runner card back to your collection.

Card back - Rumble Runner

Face the Rumble Run for yourself, then tell us about your favorite Rumble Run treasure, teammate, or combo! Thanks for joining us—we’ll see you (and Rikkar) in Rumble Run!

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