So, Here’s the Plan: The Dalaran Heist Chapter V – Kirin Tor Citadel

So, Here’s the Plan: The Dalaran Heist Chapter V – Kirin Tor Citadel

We’re so close! The only thing left to do before the city falls to E.V.I.L. is to take down the magic-makers themselves, the leaders of the Kirin Tor. Embark on a journey through the Kirin Tor Citadel in the final chapter of The Dalaran Heist!


Your Target – Kirin Tor Citadel



What’s the Plan?

The magical city of Dalaran is on high alert. With E.V.I.L. at their doorstep, the mystical leaders of the Kirin Tor have packed the tower with powerful defenders of Dalaran intent on stopping you in your tracks… no matter the cost. It’s a long climb to the top, so prepare to face off against an additional four encounters in this chapter of The Dalaran Heist!

Kirin Tor Citadel is the fifth and final chapter of The Dalaran Heist, launching June 6. Once live, you’ll be able to obtain this chapter as part of the $19.99 complete The Dalaran Heist bundle. You can also grab Kirin Tor Citadel, or other individual chapters, for $6.99 or 700 Gold by purchasing them in game.


Start Your Adventure!

Pick up individual chapters or the full The Dalaran Heist Solo Adventure from the shop:

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To unlock the complete The Dalaran Heist solo adventure or individual chapters while inside the game, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Solo Adventure pane.
  • Choose a difficulty setting for The Dalaran Heist.
  • Use the navigation arrows located to the right and left of the map to select a locked chapter.
  • Press the Unlock button, choose one of the two options, then follow the prompts to unlock a single chapter or the full The Dalaran Heist adventure!


Who’s Going In?


No one is quite sure how the Warlock Tekahn ended up working for the League of E.V.I.L., but one thing is for certain – this titan-forged tol’vir is dead set on delivering Dalaran into the hands of Arch-Villain Rafaam, using every nefarious tool at its disposal.


Make them pay for what they did to Karl! This once-lost Silver Hand Recruit has found his way into the employ of the League of E.V.I.L. Now, he’s ready to take revenge on anyone who may have had a hand in the demise of his brother-in-arms.

As with the other Dalaran Heist Anti-Heroes, Tekahn and George the Fallen will also have to complete unique challenges in order to unlock two new Hero Powers each, and best bosses to bolster their starting deck options.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek at chapter 5 of the Dalaran Heist, releasing June 6, 2019. We’ll see you in Dalaran, henchman!