The Tombs of Terror are Now Open!


The Tombs have opened, the plagues of Uldum have been unleashed, and the League of E.V.I.L.’s plans are set in motion. Now, the world needs you, the League of Explorers, to delve into the Tombs of Terror, fight back against the League and their Lackeys, and save the world!

Here’s what you’ll find lurking in the Tombs of Terror:
  • Plague Lords!
    • The League of E.V.I.L. has unleashed powerful plague lords onto the world, and it’s up to you to stop them! These larger-than-life monstrosities have gigantic persistent health pools. So, while you might not best them on your first attempt, you’ll pick up where you left off on the next run!

  • Dual-Class Heroes! 
    • When they aren’t delving the depths of deserted dunes, Elise, Brann, Finley, and Reno have spent their spare time in the desert learning new crafts.

  • Powerful Signature Treasures!
    • Dig into your pack of tools and start your run with a powerful signature treasure of your choice.

    • Unlocked by completing challenges and bosses during your runs, your pack will fill out with tons of magical loot and powerful cards as you progress through the Tombs of Terror.


Chapter 1: The Lost City

Buried under the sands of Uldum for countless eons, the League of Explorers has clashed with the first of the terrible Plague Lords in the Lost City of the Tol’vir. Reno has secured his hat, strapped on his Gatling Wand and, in his usual fashion, is diving headlong into the Lost City to battle the Plague Lord of Murlocs!

The Plague Lord of Murlocs has slipped some slimy friends into the decks of both players and bosses. Draw a “Surprise! Murlocs!” card to summon a random number of Murlocs onto your board.


Chapter 2: Scorching Dunes

Trekking across mile after mile of coarse, rough, and irritating sand would test the mental limits of even the most stalwart champions. It’s no surprise that in these dunes is where Sir Finley Mrgglton will square off against the Plague Lord of Madness!

The Plague of Madness has affected the minions played in the Scorching Dunes! At the end of each player’s turn, their right most minion will attack a random enemy!


Unlock the Tombs of Terror
  • Get Started for Free!

    • Reno Jackson and the first chapter of Tombs of Terror will be available to everyone – for free!
  • Unlocking Additional Chapters
    • Launching consecutively over the next 2 weeks, future chapters will be available for purchase as a bundle containing all chapters for $14.99 USD, and individually for 700 Gold or $6.99 USD.
    • A new member of the League of Explorers will become playable with each unlocked chapter!

  • Earn Up To 16 Packs
    • Earn 3 Saviors of Uldum after completing the fifth boss of each of the first four chapters, another 3 for completing the finale, and earn a Golden Classic Pack when you conquer the entire Solo Adventure. Plus, earn two unique card backs for completing all chapters on Normal or Heroic Mode.

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Good luck in the Tombs of Terror, Heroes...

We’re counting on you!