Can you survive… the Doom in the Tomb!?

Can you survive… the Doom in the Tomb!?

Legends have told of dangers lurking within the Haunted Temple of Uldum and the grand ancient treasures they conceal. Of course, “treasure” was all anyone had to mention to get Reno and Rafaam on board, and now their sights are set on acquiring the temple’s powerful artifacts for their own campaigns!

It won’t be an easy task, though. While our Heroes and Villains battle to push deeper through the Haunted Temple, the Headless Horseman has resorted to a nefarious contingency and opened a sealed sarcophagus full of WILD terrors. Now it will be up to you to aid the conquests of good, or E.V.I.L, in a race to uncover the tomb’s precious secrets and escape the doom in the tomb!


Step into the Haunted Tomb

The spooky spelunking adventures begin at 10:00 AM PT on October 8 and end at 9:00 AM PT on October 30 – three weeks packed full of new activities to participate in:


Unique Tavern Brawls


  • Week 1: Doom in the Tomb, Part 1
    • Gear up with your favorite member from the League of E.V.I.L and delve into the Haunted Temple, full of the baddest bosses in Uldum! The clock is running, too – race to set the record for the fastest Temple run!
    • Rewards
      • Complete a run in under 1 hour and earn a Rastakhan’s Rumble Card Pack.
      • Complete a run in under 40 minutes to earn a Golden Common [[Ancient Mysteries]]!


  • Week 2: Doom in the Tomb, Part 2
    • E.V.I.L has their turn, and now it’s up to Reno and the League of Explorers to join the run and flex their Temple diving speed. New enemies and challenges await!
    • Rewards
      • Complete a run in under 1 hour and receive a Golden Common [[Temple Berserker]]
      • Complete a run in under 40 minutes to earn a Golden Rare [[Generous Mummy]]


  • Week 3: The Haunted Carousel
    • Get ready for the big mix-up! In this Tavern Brawl, you’ll need to strategize around minions constantly rotating board positions – all while controlling the Horseman’s time-shifted [[Dreadsteed]]s!
    • Rewards
      • Summon 100 [[Dreadsteed]]s to earn a Rise of Shadows Card Pack


Treasures from the Tomb!


23 cards from across Hearthstone history have been unsealed from Wild and unleashed by the Headless Horseman! Until our next major update, these cards are stepping out of Wild and will be playable in Standard matches. To ensure that everyone can participate in this meta-mixing event, we’ll be granting everyone free copies of each card (these copies cannot be disenchanted or crafted) so they can add these heavy-hitters to their decks and get straight into the action.

These cards will be considered "event" cards, which essentially means that they're temporary copies and not permanent additions to your collection. Even if you already own the cards, you'll still receive these event copies. When the event ends they'll disappear, just like the Headless Horseman himself!

IMPORTANT NOTE: While these cards were re-introduced during the Doom in the Tomb event, they will remain in Standard past the event's conclusion, until the launch of our next major update. More details will be shared, including exact end dates and times, in the coming weeks.

  • Card List:
    • Druid:
      • [[Astral Communion]]
      • [[Kun the Forgotten King]]
    • Mage:
      • [[Babbling Book]]
      • [[Flamewaker]]
    • Paladin:
      • [[Mysterious Challenger]]
      • [[Avenge]]
    • Hunter:
      • [[Lock and Load]]
      • [[Call of the Wild]]
    • Shaman:
      • [[Evolve]]
      • [[Thing from Below]]
    • Rogue:
      • [[Shaku, the Collector]]
      • [[Swashburglar]]
    • Priest:
      • [[Lightbomb]]
      • [[Vol'jin]]
    • Warlock:
      • [[Imp Gang Boss]]
      • [[Renounce Darkness]]
    • Warrior:
      • [[Varian Wrynn]]
      • [[Bloodhoof Brave]]
    • Neutral:
      • [[N'Zoth, the Corruptor]]
      • [[Sylvanas Windrunner]]
      • [[Ragnaros the Firelord]]
      • [[The Curator]]
      • [[Emperor Thaurissan]]


Dual-Class Arenas

The Dual-Class Arena Hallow’s End dress-up party is back! When you start an Arena run during the Doom in the Tomb event, you’ll choose a Hero, then a Hero Power, and card offerings will feature cards from BOTH of those classes, in addition to neutral cards.

  • Players who have an active Arena run when this begins will have their current run ended and will receive an Arena Ticket as compensation.
  • To ensure that players have a chance to try out this devilish dual-class deck-building dress-up party, weeks 1 and 2 of this event will award Arena Tickets on login!
  • This event will also coincide with our normal Arena rotation. The new Arena sets in rotation will be as follows:
    • Curse of Naxxramas
    • Goblins vs. Gnomes
    • Blackrock Mountain
    • The Grand Tournament
    • League of Explorers
    • Whispers of the Old Gods
    • One Night in Karazhan
    • Mean Streets of Gadgetzan
    • Journey to Un'Goro
    • Knights of the Frozen Throne
    • Kobolds & Catacombs


Hex & Flex Bundles


  • Hex Bundle:
    • If you thought the League of E.V.I.L. was securely under wraps, think again! Arch-Villain Rafaam has leveraged his lackeys and put together the Hex Bundle, 20 Rise of Shadows card packs and a random Rise of Shadows Legendary card at the discounted price of $19.99 USD.
  • Flex Bundle:
    • Reno’s vest just doesn’t have room for bulging biceps AND stacks of card packs. That’s why he’s whipped together the Flex Bundle! Get 20 Saviors of Uldum packs and a random Saviors of Uldum Legendary card at the discounted price of $19.99 USD.


Legendary Quests and Login Rewards

  • Begin your Quest:
    • A new Legendary Doom in the Tomb quest* will be unlocked at the start of each week during the event, in addition to your normal daily quests. These new quests will reward you with either card packs from one of the current standard sets, or a hefty sum of Gold!
      • * Legendary quests will replace an existing normal quest if your quest log is full, so we recommend that you have a spot open when this event goes live.
  • Legendary Login Rewards:
    • Login any time during the event (10/8-10/30) to earn a bundle of 5 Hearthstone card packs!
      • 2 Saviors of Uldum packs
      • 2 Rise of Shadows packs
      • 1 Rastakhan’s Rumble pack


Good luck, Heroes. Try not to lose your heads!