Fractured in Alterac Valley is LIVE NOW!

Fractured in Alterac Valley is LIVE NOW!

Grab your coat and your faction’s tabard, adventurers, because Fractured in Alterac Valley is now live worldwide with 135 new collectible cards, the return of Hero cards, the new Honorable Kill keyword, Objectives, and more!

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What’s Included: Honorable Kill

Cards with the new Honorable Kill keyword get a bonus effect when they deal exact lethal damage to an enemy character on your turn.


What’s Included: Hero Cards

All 10 classes have access to a Legendary Hero card. Hero cards are cards that change your hero for the rest of the game. These hero cards all have powerful Battlecries and new hero powers that change the way you play!


What’s Included: Objectives

Objectives are new spell cards with effects that last for three turns.


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Choose Your Faction


Login now to choose a faction you will fight for in Alterac Valley!  When you choose a side, you will instantly receive a Golden copy of that faction’s Legendary leader card! Fight for honor throughout the Fractured in Alterac Valley expansion and you can earn ranks within your faction and prizes, including a Golden copy of the enemy faction’s leader card! Check out the Rewards Track Refresh article for details on the battle for Alterac Valley event and more.

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