Winter Veil Returns with Snow-Covered Celebrations

Winter Veil Returns with Snow-Covered Celebrations

Starting tomorrow, Winter Veil comes to the Tavern! Throughout the Winter Veil celebration, you’ll be able to use special event emotes and participate in some fun activities, too.

Legendary Quest Chain


Give yourself the gift of free packs! Starting on December 21, you can embark on a Legendary Quest Chain to celebrate Winter Veil. The Quest Chain includes three quests, each awarding 1 Fractured in Alterac Valley Pack and 1 Standard Pack, for a total of 6 Packs!

Two Seasonal Tavern Brawls Return


First, the Gift Exchange tavern brawl is back! In this holiday classic, you and your opponent receive gift drops from Great Father Winter. Fight over who gets to open the presents to get their bonuses! If this is your first time winning in this Brawl, you’ll receive the Winter Veil Treat Card Back instead of your normal pack. Then, next week, GreatFather Kobold tries his hand at delivering presents in the Wacky Waxy Winter Veil Brawl!

Free Snowman Thrall Skin


Thrall’s taking some time away from battle to build himself a new snowman friend! Starting on December 21, you can go to the Shop to claim your free Snowman Thrall Skin and bring some fun to the ladder!

More Festive Skins in the Shop


Thrall’s not the only one having some fun in the snow. While you’re in the shop claiming your free Thrall skin, you’ll also find Winter Veil themed cosmetic bundles for Traditional Hearthstone and Battlegrounds, as well as the Greatfather Winter Magni Hero Set.

An Update on the Battle for Alterac Valley


We’ve received an update from the front after the first skirmishes in Alterac Valley, based on information through December 14! The Battle for Alterac Valley has been fierce and hotly contested. Both sides have fought with Honor, with each faction already amassing over one billion Honor! The Alliance has taken an early lead in the contest. They have rallied together for an advantage in overall numbers, and together they are strong! Will the steadfast Alliance be able to defend their foothold, or will the Horde rally to take back the valley?! It is up to you, brave adventurers, to shape the course of this battle.

Don’t forget that the Battle for Alterac Valley continues during Winter Veil! While the Winter Veil festivities end on January 19, counting for the Battle for Alterac Valley ends a little earlier, on January 11. Learn more about how to play games to earn Honor for your faction so that you may claim the ultimate prize of your faction’s leader as a Diamond card!

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