Enter Onyxia’s Lair for This Weekend’s Masters Tour!

Enter Onyxia’s Lair for This Weekend’s Masters Tour!

We’re heading to Onyxia’s Lair for the first Master Tour of 2022! More than 400 players from over 40 countries will enter the newest Hearthstone miniset, utilizing 35 brand new cards as they compete for a chance to take home a share of the $250,000 (USD) prize pool. Be sure to link your YouTube and Battle.net accounts in order to earn Fractured in Alterac Valley Drops as you watch top players from around the world battle for their shot at claiming the title of Masters Tour Onyxia’s Lair champion, only on YouTube!




How It Works

Masters Tour Onyxia’s Lair will be played in the 4 deck, best-of-5 Conquest with a ban format. The top 32 players that don’t already have invites will receive one for the second Masters Tour event of the year, Masters Tour Ruins of Alterac!

  • Day 1: Four rounds of Swiss.
  • Day 2: Four rounds of Swiss.
  • Day 3: Top 16 single-elimination playoffs, where a new Masters Tour Champion will be crowned!

For qualified players, please check the full tournament schedule for information regarding mandatory player check-ins, round start times, and more. Qualified players should familiarize themselves with our rules and policies.

YouTube Drops Return!


You can earn up to two Fractured in Alterac Valley card packs this weekend as you watch Masters Tour Onyxia’s Lair! On any of the above YouTube channels, watch two total hours to receive one pack and two more hours for your second. Time watched is cumulative throughout the weekend, so even if you can’t watch for the full four hours in one sitting your time will still count toward earning the Drops.

Connecting Your Accounts

Before you can receive rewards, you’ll need to link your YouTube and Blizzard Battle.net accounts. Here’s how: 

  • Log in or create an account on YouTube. 
  • Navigate to Account Sharing under “Connected Apps” in Settings. 
  • Select “Connect” next to Battle.net.
  • Follow the simple prompts to finish connecting accounts. 
  • When connecting accounts, be sure that you’re currently logged into the Blizzard account on which you’d like to receive your Drops. 
  • Check out the full rules for eligibility details.

Keep up with all of the latest Hearthstone Esports news and content on the Hearthstone Esports website, Twitter, and YouTube. Good luck, have fun, and we’ll see you in Onyxia’s Lair!

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