Get Fired Up, the Onyxia’s Lair Mini-Set is Here!

Get Fired Up, the Onyxia’s Lair Mini-Set is Here!

Lady Prestor and Kazakus have been pulling the strings from the shadows all year. But while they’ve been scheming, the mercenaries of the Horde and Alliance have grown stronger, and closer. Now these max-level heroes have formed a raiding party, and are charging headlong into Onyxia’s Lair. They’ll have to use all they learned this year to take down powerful Dragons and recover the fallen Naaru!

The Onyxia’s Lair Mini-Set, launching worldwide on February 15, consists of 35 distinct cards: 4 Legendary cards, 1 Epic card, 14 Rare cards, and 16 Common cards. Those new cards can be found in Fractured in Alterac Valley packs, or you can get the entire 66-card* Mini-Set for $14.99 or 2000 Gold! For the first time ever, we are also offering the option to buy an all-Golden set of all 66 Mini-Set cards for $69.99!

There's a Golden Mini-Set Bundle available for purchase this time!

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* Includes one copy of each Legendary card and two copies of each other card, for a full playable set of all cards in the Mini-Set.

Powerful New Dragons

Full Art for Raid Boss Onyxia is a fire breathing dragon!!

Surprise! Lady Prestor and Kazakus were dragons this whole time. And they’re not the only ones. Onyxia’s Lair is chock-full of new dragons that can add some real fire-power to your decks!

Raid Boss Onyxia is a Legendary 10 mana 8/8 Dragon that reads Rush. Immune while you control a Whelp. Battlecry: Summon six 2/1 Whelps with Rush.Kazakusan is a Legendary 8 mana 8/8 Dragon that reads Battlecry: If all minions in your deck are Dragons, craft a custom deck of Treasures.

Haleh, Matron Protectorate is a Legendary 8 mana 4/12 Dragon that reads After you cast a spell, deal 4 damage randomly split among all enemies.Spawn of Deathwing is a Common 5 mana 6/6 Dragon that reads Battlecry: Destroy a random enemy minion. Discard a random card.

Returning Mechanics

Dont Stand In The Fire full art depicts a Tauren lending an orc a handle after the Orc has fallen off the ledge, almost into a fiery pit below!

You can’t get through a max-level raid without picking up a good trick or two along the way. Show these Dragons what you’ve learned with returning mechanics from throughout the Year of the Gryphon!

Drakefire Amulet is a 10 mana common Fire Mage Spell that reads Tradeable Discover 2 Dragons. Summon them.Tooth of Nefarian is a 3 mana common Rogue spell that reads Deal 3 damage. Honorable Kill: Discover a spell from another class.

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Onyxia's lair artwork from the cinematic features Onyxia in Dragon form!

Demon Hunter











Full Art for Wings Of Hate (Rank 3) features a four legged dragon in armor fighting off creatures within Onyxia's lair.

Full art for Impfestation features five grey imps, each glowing green!

Full art for Furious Howl features 3 wolves within Onyxia's lair, howling.

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